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Friends Only

My Journal is now a "Friends Only" so if you are interested to read my personal experiances, please comment and friend me. You must be 18 or older. Only people who comment and friend me back will be added. Remember if you don't friend me I will remove you from my friends list. Hope that you enjoy reading it.
I have now retired so do not post that often, but if you leave a comment I will get back to you.

Hello Again

Well I am back sort of. I have now retired so I will have less time to play than before but I will post as often as I can. I will also be looking for friends that are still active and post on their sites. Have a great day and hope to read some of your posts soon.

New story still...

I am still busy so pleeeease be patient. I am working on it, but I have some other plans as well. I will tell all later.

Hello Again,

Well I am back. I do hope some of my old friends are still active. Only this time I can only ost on weekends as I have changed jobs and I only get a chance over the weekend.

The reason I was off for so long was I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had three operations in three months. It took a while to recover and now I have 78 radio active seeds in my prostate. they call the operation "Brachytherapy". For those that don't know I will explain more later. Also some of the experiences I have had since I chatted last.

The Christmas Season is over but I wish you all a splendid, healthy, happy and very prosperous New Year.

Annual Vacation

It's that time of year again for me when I go away to visit my kids and grand kids. I will be back at the end of April. Yes, longer than normal but I did work through my Christmas vacation, so I need the break.

My grand daughter turns 5 on April 7 so we will have a small party for her. Enjoy your Easter.

New Year

Wishing all my friends a healthy, happy and very prosperous New Year.

I am sorry I haven't posted lately but I have been extremely busy and also been away on vacation. I promise I will catch up with you all next month. I have been playing with my new sub and also my new machine that I had made. It works from a computer and it is fabulous....


I am going away on Friday and will only be back around the 28 April. Maybe on the 23rd but definitely on the 28th. I am going to see my grandchildren and look after them for two weeks. My granddaughter will be 4 on the 7th April.

I am hoping that I will be able to see my sub soon after I return so I will be able to tell you what we did. At present I am still playing and enjoying my tens unit.

Back at work

Compliments of the season to all my friends. As you can see I am back at work after an awesome vacation. Most of which was spent near Durban, a popular holiday resort by the sea. I must say one thing though, the vacation was great but being home again is fabulous. I am not sure how many others feel the same as I do but being home in my own bed, having a bath in my own tub, sitting in my lounge, is simply fantastic.

I wish all my friends a Healthy, Happy and very Prosperous 2009. May you all have wonderful playtimes, great orgasms (lots and lots) and all that you wish for yourselves.

Be good and play safe.
This weekend I was at "Cars In The Park". This is where they show off old cars that people have restored. These pictures are of my cousins 1938 Jaguar SS.
Hope you enjoy them.