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Kayla's Birthday Party.

This is my first attempt at posting some pictures with the kind help of my friend, crossthebar's assistance, so please bear with me.

This is my Granddaughter Kayla with some friends for her second Birthday Party. She is preparing to blow out her two candles. My Grandson is the closest to the camera drinking a cold drink.

Kayla learning to ride a bicycle before the party.


Back at Work

Hi Folks, as you can see I am back at work. Funny how time drags at work and goes like the wind when you are enjoying yourself. My granddaughter had her second birthday and I will try and download some pictures for you. I think she will be a mistress when she groes up as she can already smile and pinch you at the same time. 

The weather was not so kind for the fisherman so no fish. We did however manage a few trips to the beach, but the rain had us running back to the cars. Only one round of golf with my son and as usual he won. The rest of the time was spent spoiling my grandchildren and shopping. 

I am hoping to be able to write more in the weeks to come. Things are rather busy here at work and need to catch up on all the correspondence.

Going on Leave for two weeks

Tomorrow evening starts my two weeks vacation. On Friday I will be going to a small town called Ladysmith where I have family. My son, his wife and my grandchildren will meet us there. On Saturday is my granddaughters 2nd birthday and we will be fortunate to be able to share it with her. A party is planned and I assume there will be plenty of little grubby faces by the time it's over.

Then on Monday we follow my son and his family to Durban where he lives. This is where I will stay until I return to work and my LJ on the 23 April. I am planning to relax, playing a little golf and weather permitting some surf fishing. So until my return, may those that take the time to read my journal, enjoy good health and happiness.

I would like to thank those that have been so kind as to add me to their friends lists.



Hi, I am new to this so please have a little patience with me. i will try and do my best. Lucky there is also spell check. 

I stay in a city about 25 km from Johannesburg called Boksburg. It was originally a mining town like most of the towns and cities around Johannesburg. But soon the mining of gold brings money and people and the towns turn into cities. 

I am married and have two children, both boys, one of which is married and I now have two grandchildren. How wonderful to play with them and then hand them back to the parents when they become too much.  

A friend kindly invited me to register, so here I am and would like to invite those that read this to become a friend of mine. Should you like to know more, please ask.  I will be on leave from the Easter weekend for two weeks and will join you all again after that. Thanks for taking the time to read this and enjoy your day.