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andy37ds's Journal

21 April 1950
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I am now retired and am living in Ladysmith KZN in South Africa. I do not post very often now but will every so often. I love being kinky and have kinky friends & also to talk to kinky & sexy people. Willing to discuss anything that is on your mind. My LJ is a "Friends Only" journal. So if you are interested to read my personal experiances, please comment and friend me and I will friend you back. Tell me how you found me. Please show your full date of birth in your profile as you must be 18 or older. Thank you to all my friends that read my journal. I hope you enjoy it. I must say I enjoy reading comments and I also comment as often as I can. So kinky people friend me now and lets chat & if in South Africa perhaps we can meet.


I would like to correspond with people all over the world. I am interested to know where you live and things about your country. Also your interests and hobbies.

I am interested in gardening and spend a fair amount of my spare time in the garden. Also interested in amature photography, playing golf (need more time) and watching sport on the TV.

I am a mature master interested in BDSM, bondage, teaching and training mainly female subs. I have been in the scene for over 40 years and enjoy most kinky things. I have now included some of my experiances of how I was introduced into the BDSM scene and other BDSM experiances.
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